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Summary: Willoughby Avenue, a digital media company, launched its first digital publication, KOLUMN Magazine, with the expressed purpose and mission of “Celebrating The Lives of People of Color”. KOLUMN Magazine represents Willoughby Avenue’s commitment to all communities of color, featuring substantive current and historic content and an artful design.

Approach: Willoughby Avenue employed its best practice approach of Vision-Focused to initially gain a thorough understanding of the intended KOLUMN Magazine market (People of Color, Globally), our shared interests and the opportunity to fill the gap between popular culture infotainment and history-centric web domains.

Solution: Willoughby Avenue delivered a social-media-first model publication, integrated with the www.kolumnmagazine.com web domain, to broadly publish content across multiple social media channels daily. KOLUMN Magazine social media channels publish globally curated content, excerpts and full stories, that represent the full spectrum of the lives of People of Color. The publication sources, and provides attribution for, imagery that focuses on the positive and uplifting nature of historically strong people.

Outcome: Launched in 2006, KOLUMN Magazine has grown its social media channels by more than 55K followers, reaching 1.5M Active Users per month (2017). Throughout the last two years KOLUMN Magazine has further established itself as a reliable source of news and information for People of Color globally.

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KOLUMN Magazine