Summary: Our client, a Public Relations agency, engaged Willoughby Avenue (formerly BraandLife) to provide a comprehensive rebrand of its domain and related campaigns.

Approach: Willoughby Avenue employed its best practice approach of Vision-Focused to initially gain a thorough understanding of our client’s current-state environment (Organizational and technological), their mission, vision, goals and existing strategic initiatives. Subsequent to our engagement with client team leaders and staff we were able to develop a well informed model, which aligned with client leadership’s goals.

Solution: Willoughby Avenue delivered a comprehensive, unified and profitability-focused solution that revolved around a rebranded core digital property experience and extended to all primary social media platforms. The client’s rebranded experience provides visitors with a media rich, multi-channel platform which integrates content for its target audience. Further, Willoughby Avenue integrated an advertisement model that now visually aligns with enhanced content and encourages increased engagement.