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Willoughby Avenue is a digital publisher and an Independent Agency with over twenty years of experience. We create branding, communication and memorable experiences for Brands of Color.

 International Film Festival


Our client, the leading women-oriented Film & Arts festival in North America , engaged Willoughby Avenue (formerly BraandLife) to provide a comprehensive rebrand of its flagship product (Annual Film & Arts Festival), to include its domain and related campaigns.


Willoughby Avenue employed its best practice approach of Vision-Focused to initially gain a thorough understanding of our client’s current-state environment (Organizational and technological), their mission, vision, goals and existing strategic initiatives. Subsequent to our engagement with client team leaders and staff we were able to develop a well informed model, which aligned with client leadership’s goals.


Willoughby Avenue delivered a comprehensive, unified and profitability-focused solution that revolved around a rebranded core digital property experience and extended to all primary social media platforms. The client’s rebranded experience provides visitors with a media rich, multi-channel platform which integrates content for its target audience. Further, Willoughby Avenue integrated an advertisement model that now visually aligns with enhanced content and encourages increased engagement.


Unified Brand Experience
Enhance Visitor Engagement
Increased Profitability
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